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Deluxe Full Body - Daniel Puppet

Sale Price: $63.95
SKU: GS2610
Weight: 1 lbs 12 ozs
Deluxe Full Body -  Daniel Puppet
Deluxe Full Body - Daniel Puppet
Daniel was a Jewish exile in Babylon with a high rank in the Babylonian court. He was known for interpreting dreams and giving God the glory for his revelations. He was thrown into a den of Lions for praying to God, but the Lion's did not harm him because of God's protection. After that, the Babylonian King ordered people to follow Daniel's God.

He is 28 inches tall, and is fully costumed including shoes. His expressive face and large size makes him especially good for ventriloquist use before large audiences.

Hand goes into back of puppet and up into head to work his mouth.

He comes with a detachable arm rod.
  • His outfit may vary slightly from the one shown.
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