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Pappy & Granny

List Price: $93.90
Sale Price: $79.82
You Save: $14.08 (15%)
SKU: SF1006.07
Weight: 2 lbs 12 ozs
Pappy & Granny
Pappy & Granny
Pappy and Granny are 16" half body puppets with orange skin, Pappy has white balding fur hair, and a mustache.
Granny has white grey hair and keeps Pappy in check.
Our colorful sparkle family puppets can expand your cast of puppets at an economy price. They are well-constructed with a foam base and velour tricot skin, and come with removable t-shirts. Acrylic arm rods with velcro attachments are included.
  • Clothing fabrics may vary.
  • 2 Arm rods included.
  • Additional clothing available for the sparkle family puppets
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