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15" Glove Puppets

These are great hand puppets! Each Stands about 15" tall. Mouths and hands are movable and controlled by inserting your hand up through the bottom of the puppet - glove style. Your pinky and thumb can be inserted into the slots on the inside of the body to operate the puppets’ hands.

25" Full Body Puppets

Wonderful muppet mouth puppets! Stand about 25” tall. Mouths are very easy to move. Hand is inserted through the back of the puppet (ventriloquist style) to operate the mouth. Each comes with an arm rod to move the puppets’ hands. These are great for people just starting out with puppetry but don't want to invest just yet in the Full/Half Body puppets.


Human Hand Puppets

Living Puppets really are something special:

Each puppets has it's own character, a charming face and the soft smooth material makes both young and old instantly want to pick them up, cuddle them and take them home.

These large human-like puppets all work according to the same simple principle. The user inserts one hand into the entrance at the back of the head in order to work the puppet's mouth (and tongue). These soft mouthed puppets are extremely easy to use giving full mouth movement and plenty of head movement.

28" Full Body Puppets

Stand about 28" tall. Mouths are very easy to move. These great puppets are fully costumed including shoes. There expressive face and large size makes him especially good for ventriloquist use before large audiences. Hand goes into back of puppet and up into head to work the mouth. Each one comes with a detachable arm rod.

We offer a wide rage of 28" puppets for puppet ministry, therapy, education and fun.




30" Full Body Puppets

Top of the line professional puppets! Stand about 30” with legs attached and about 18” with legs removed. Mouths are hinged and are extremely easy to manipulate. All come with removable legs allowing you to use them as either a full body ventriloquist doll or behind a stage as a half body puppet. Great for puppet ministry and other shows. Arm rod included.

Biblical Puppets

Stories from the bible come to life with the use of our ministry puppets.

Our biblical puppets are great for entertaining and teaching biblical truths.  Children participate in the lesson with the use of biblical puppets and they feel like they are part of the story.  We carry a wide variety of biblical puppets from Jesus, Mary and Noah to Christian kids and animals.  Browse our selection; you are sure to find the perfect biblical puppet for your ministry needs.




Animal Puppets

Animal puppets are a great teaching tool, helping children learn about the environment, conservation and nature.  We carry a large selection of different types and species of animal puppets, from monkeys, bears, fish, and farm animals to reptiles, insects, desert, forest & jungle as well as many dog and cat puppets.  Browse our vast selection, you are sure to find the perfect animal puppet for your needs.