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The Widow's Oil Melodrama Fran Tick, a widow, is about to have her children sold into slavery by Robin Dapoor and Noah Count. Will Elisha the Tissue Biter be able to save the day? The audience participates when signs are held up (Boo Hiss, etc) in this melodrama loosely based on Elisha's miracle for the widow (2 Kings 4) Author: Kathy Applebee PDF
What Is Easter All About? A host asks three panel members "What is Easter all about? Author: Maurice Sweetsur PDF
The Price Is Right? Based on the widow's mite: our game show contestants find out how God sees the offerings that we give him. Author: Nancy Cook PDF
Gone Fishin The story of the great catch of fish John 21:1-7 Author: JR Brothers Ministries PDF
Tower Of Babel Humorous. Two workman (with New Jersey accents optional) tell their friends no to bother to report to work because something crazy is going on at the Tower of Babel. When their friends finally get a word in edgewise - its in other languages. Author: Kathy Applebee PDF
We Should Give As God Gives This skit is between two puppets. It is a discussion on giving to others. Author: Niome Hernandez PDF
How Do You Get To Heaven? A host and four panel members discuss the question "How do you get to heaven? Author: Maurice Sweetsur PDF
Words Do Hurt This skit is about praying for those who pick on us. There's also a message that fighting is not the answer. Author: Niome Hernandez PDF
Mr. Perfect Based on the rich young ruler in Luke 18:18-30, Mr. Perfect finds out he's not so perfect after all. Author: Nancy Cook PDF
The Lost Sheep The lost sheep tells either a human or another puppet why he ran away, and what happened before the Good Shepherd found him. Author: Maurice Sweetsur PDF
Flight Plan This is a skit about how God has a plan for us and it is being compared to a flight plan. Author: Niome Hernandez PDF
Jesus And The Stinky Feet This little skit illustrates the story from John 13, where Jesus teaches us that being like him means being a servant and getting "down and dirty" to help other people. Author: Nancy Cook PDF
Missionaries Have A Flight Plan Too This is the second part to the first skit "Flight Plan". This time the beginning of the skit will start with A person host and one the puppets from "Flight Plan". Author: Niome Hernandez PDF
Baseball And Unity Arguing over who is going to play what breaks up baseball practice but the players learn about unity being more important that self. Narrator ties it together with 1 Corinthians 12 and how we all have different gifts but one Lord. Ends with the audience suggesting "positions" kids fill at church. Author: Kathy Applebee PDF
Prodigal Daughter Modern day female version of the parable from Luke 15. Emphasizes we are loved and saved by a relationship, not be works or worthiness. Puppet doubling possible. Author: Kathy Applebee PDF
Promises, Promises A young puppet learns that his word is his promise, not just saying "I promise" Author: Nancy Cook PDF
I Don't Believe In God A host and four panel members discuss the question "How do you get to heaven? Author: Maurice Sweetsur PDF
Interview With A Raven A Raven talks about the species role in the Bible from creation and Noah's Ark to Elijah and Jesus shout out in Luke. Author: Kathy Applebee PDF
Walking In The Light Based on 1 John 1:7. While camping, a lost blankie results in a search in the dark. When B keeps walking outside of the light, he falls and hurts himself. D (human) fixes B's head and makes a parallel with walking close to Jesus to avoid pitfalls and getting hurt Author: Kathy Applebee PDF
Power Source When the TV isn't plugged in; it won't work just like a Christian not plugged into God and church will fail to run. Author: Kathy Applebee PDF
The Lost Son The famous parable of the lost son is given a modern setting. Author: Maurice Sweetsur PDF
Interview With Genesis Donkeys From Genesis 2,6-8 and 22 featuring 3 donkeys interviewed on a talk show Animal World. Includes God’s wonderful creation of donkeys, Noah’s ark from the perspective of one aboard and Abraham being called to sacrifice Isaac. Lyrics to 2 songs and a battleship style game included. Author: Kathy Applebee PDF
Give Me Some Food This skit teaches the importance, and the reason Christians celebrate the Holy Communion. Author: Niome Hernandez PDF
Balaam's Donkey Interview Based on Numbers 22 – 24, a donkey related the story of Balaam and how God gave voice to a donkey. If God can speak through a donkey, he canspeak through anyone. Game link included. Author: Kathy Applebee PDF
What Is Christmas All About? A host and four panel members discuss the question "What is Christmas all about? Author: Maurice Sweetsur PDF