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Donkey/singer Glove Puppet

Sale Price: $33.95
SKU: GL1815
Weight: 1 lbs
Units in Stock: 3
Donkey/singer Glove Puppet
Donkey/singer Glove Puppet
Donny Donkey sings real high. Of the Desert Singers, he's the most shy. The troupe may look like they're wearing bathrobes. But, they sing in this costume around the globe. They like to be comfortable as a rule. In hot climates, the head coverings keep them cool.

This glove puppet is 14 inches tall, he is fully costumed including shoes, and can accommodate adult-size hands.

Hand goes in through bottom and up into head to work mouth. Two fingers may be used to move the arms.
  • His outfit may vary slightly from the one shown.
  • Arm rod not included.
Puppets 3: Biblical
stock status 2: 0-100
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