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25" Full Body Puppet - Amy

25" Full Body Puppet - Amy
25" Full Body Puppet - Amy
SKU: SP2801
Weight: 2 lbs
Units in Stock: 1

Amy likes ruffles and braids done with bows. Her shoes look like aqua socks and cover her toes.

She is a wonderful muppet mouth puppet, and stands about 25" tall.

Her mouth is very easy to move. Hand is inserted through the back of the puppet (ventriloquist style) to operate the mouth. She is great for people just starting out with puppetry but don't want to invest just yet in the Full/Half Body puppets.
  • Each comes with one arm rod to move the puppet's hands.
Puppets: Girls
Puppets 2: People
Puppets 3: 25In
Sale Price: $59.95
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