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Lipstick Sockette Puppet

Sale Price: $23.95
SKU: PC7004
Weight: 0 lbs 8 ozs
Lipstick  Sockette Puppet
Lipstick Sockette Puppet

Lipstick Sockette Glove Puppet: Lipstick is a corky fun gal that loves to perform with you. What she has to say depends on your imagination? Wait until you put Lipstick on your hand (Not your foot) and see what she has to say!

The Sockette Glove Puppets are oversized hand puppets made with a soft knit fabric, with long "necks" that go all the way to your elbow. Their mouths are flexible enough for kids to engage in some junior puppetry, but the puppets' heads are large enough to accommodate an adult hand. They also have a squeaker in the mouth, so you can make them "talk" without saying anything at all.

Lipstick's neck and face have pink and yellow stripes, and a pose able antennae, to add even more humorous expression. Use your Lipstick Puppet in a puppet theatre, or use her to tell stories, or just hand her over to the kids to see what kinds of amusing scenarios, characters, and funny voices they can invent.! Recommended for ages 3 and up.

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