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Travel God's Way

Travel God's Way
Travel God's Way
Weight: 2 lbs 10 ozs
Units in Stock: 6
CD #1 - music with soundtracks; CD #2 - 12 puppet skits with audio

Follow God's road signs along the narrow way of life in this 12-session curriculum unit! Children will visit the city of Las Cruces, which is the intersection of two ways: Broadway Boulevard and Narrow Way.

They will meet the city's mayor who welcomes them at each session and teaches them Bible verses to guide their travel along God's way. Two auto mechanics, Goob and Goober (who are not-so-handy men), start an auto garage downtown but discover that "faking it" is not the way to be successful in life.

Other segments in the unit include puppet scripts, songs, tips for leading children in music, an activity time led by the D.O.T. person (Department of Transportation) which reinforces the scripture of the day, and a delightful object lesson brought each session by Officer J. Sureway, pointing citizens in the town to the one sure way to heaven through Jesus.

This unit provides 60 - 90 minutes of programming for each lesson, and can be adapted to fit the needs of your ministry. Two supplemental CDs are included, one with sing-along songs for the unit, and the other with prerecorded puppet skits.

Lessons are (listen below):

  • Welcome to Las Cruces
  • Choose Right over wrong
  • U-Turn from Sin
  • Broadway Blvd. or Narrow Way
  • Stop, Slow or Go
  • School Zone... Learn to Obey
  • Construction Zone Builds Patience
  • Detour or Shortcut
  • Emergency... Call on God
  • Yield... Put God First
  • One Way... God's Way
  • Victory Road Race

For children grades 1 through 6, this unit can be used for children's church, VBS, midweek activities, Sunday school, camps, and more.

Segments in each lesson are:

  • Mayor's Presentation of the Sign of the Day
  • Buchman Family on Vacation - puppet skit
  • Music
  • Goob & Goober - drama skit
  • Activity Time with the DOT Person
  • Puppet Song
  • Prayer Time (optional guest leader)
  • Officer J. Sureway's Object Lesson
  • Closing

This unit includes:

  • Unit overview
  • Two supplemental CDs, one with sing-alongs and one with prerecorded puppet skits
  • Decoration ideas
  • Complete reproducible lesson plans for twelve sessions, including puppet/drama skits, object lessons, games and activities, and visuals
  • Reproducible Bible Memory Page
  • Reproducible Travel Guide Score Sheet
  • Reproducible Driver's License and Bible Memory Cards
  • Supplementary Visuals
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