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Rupert Sockette Puppet

Sale Price: $23.95
SKU: PC7012
Weight: 0 lbs 5 ozs
Rupert Sockette Puppet
Rupert Sockette Puppet

Meet Rupert! This fabulous knitted sockette puppet looks great with his purple and yellow stripes and smart green bow tie. He has a full working mouth with a squeaker in his tongue!

He is only 16" tall

Use as an excellent tool to encourage and motivate even the most shy children to practice speaking in a new language.

Interacting with a puppet is much less intimidating for most children than interacting with an adult and even the most grown-up children will be desperate to "have a go" at practicing new conversation skills with the puppet!

Superb materials and bright colors mean that this gorgeous puppet simply cannot be ignored!

All Sockette hand puppets are 16, hand knitted, contain lots of colorful stripes, have a large moving mouth with a squeaker, and have bags of personality.

Recommended for ages 3 and up.

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