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The King's Commandments Teaching Unit

The King's Commandments Teaching Unit
The King's Commandments Teaching Unit
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Journey to a kingdom where the lords and ladies you are teaching will learn about the Ten Commandments, plus the two greatest commandments given by King Jesus. In 13 sessions, they'll experience the fun of the palace jester, Sir Dudley, and enjoy the confrontations of Sir Don the Bold and Sir David the Deceiver. They'll sing along with Robin Good's merry band, and from it all, learn the Rules of the Kingdom for a super wonderful God-filled life!

This unit provides 60 - 90 minutes of programming for each lesson, and can be adapted to fit the needs of your ministry. Each session's programming gives you music, an object lesson from the treasure chest, scriptures to memorize, a physical challenge, a puppet skit, and a New Testament story for your kingdom kids.

Lessons are:

  • Welcome to the Kingdom!
  • Commandment One
  • Greatest Command
  • Commandment Two
  • Commandment Three
  • Commandment Four
  • Commandment Five
  • Commandment Six
  • Commandment Seven
  • Commandment Eight
  • Commandment Nine
  • Commandment Ten
  • Second Greatest Command

For children grades 1 through 6, this unit can be used for children's church, VBS, midweek activities, Sunday school, camps, and more.

Segments in each lesson are:

  • Proclamation of the command for the day
  • Palace Jester - Sir Dudley (puppet script)
  • Music by Robin Good and his merry band
  • Story of Today's Kingdom Kids (story)
  • Offering and Announcements
  • Knightly Challenge (drama skit)
  • Lesson from the King's Treasure Chest (object lesson)
  • Story from the King's Book (Bible story)
  • Truth from the Royal Minister (gospel illusion)
  • Prayer Time
  • The King's Pictures (coloring pages)

This unit includes:

  • Unit overview
  • Printed song lyrics
  • Supplemental music CD
  • Character descriptions and costume ideas
  • Decoration ideas
  • Complete reproducible lesson plans for thirteen sessions, including drama and puppet skits, and read-aloud stories, discussion questions, gospel illusions, and object lessons
  • Paper Bag Puppet Pattern
  • Reproducible Bible Memory Sheet
  • Reproducible Knight Name Certificate
  • Reproducible Lady Name Certificate
  • Reproducible Coloring Pages

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